Welcome to Miami

Like the Will Smith’s song, we arrived in Miami. City of the sun, warm weather, Cuban culture and beaches. After sitting on a plane for three hours, we were so excited to explore this city.

Skyscraper in Miami, Hugo Morel

I took untied airlines to get to Miami. It was inexpensive and I was able to choose my seat. There was a bag fee of 25 dollars for the first bag. Obliviously, I got the window seat!

Miami from a bird’s eye-view, Hugo Morel

Once in Miami, you can either take a taxi or the public transportation. I took a taxi at first, that way I can talk to a local. The taxi cost 40 dollars to get to my hostel and it was worth the money. I was unaware that the memorial day weekend was a major event in Miami. People from all over the country come to Miami to party at this time. We were in for a crazy night.

Downtown Miami, Hugo Morel

There are many high end hotels in Miami. The one I stayed at was not even a hotel, it was a hostel. Hostels are a lot cheaper. I spent 8 dollars a night, in a central location. The hostel was on Collins ave. Staying at a hostel, is a great way to meet friends who have the same interest as you.

Miami Beach, Hugo Morel

After getting settled in my hostel, I had some time before my friends arrived. I started to explore the city. I ended up going to South Miami, a somewhat affluent area. I took the bus and a train to get there. The bus fare for one way was $2.25 and the train, for one way, was the same price. To avoid paying in cash, you can go to a local pharmacy and they should sell metro cards. Keep in mind, that Miami is not a 24 hour city like New York. Most buses stop running after 11 pm.  I ended up walking 30 blocks to get a bus that ran after 11 pm. Moral of the story, bring a portable charger.

South Miami mall, Hugo Morel

After a hectic night of trying to get back to my hostel, I woke up at noon and started to explore a little of Miami Beach. I wanted to see Miami Beach before the tourists came. From what the taxi driver told me, there would be bumper to bumper traffic. The picture below was taken while I was walking down Collins ave.

South Beach before tourist came, Hugo Morel

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