Saying goodbye to Wuhan, China

In a city full of people, in a country very far away. I was amazed at that all the friendly smiles I got. Saying good bye to Wuhan didn’t mean much to me at the time I experienced it, versus the time I write this. It’s very heartbreaking knowing what happened to this beautiful city after I left.

The subway station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Got off randomly at a stop near the airport. Wanted to see a little more of Wuhan before I go. Everything was so clam and quiet in this neighborhood. Almost like a suburban area. You wouldn’t think that you were in the middle of a city with a population of 50 million. It’s hard to believe how calm and quiet was everything. Felt like some areas in queens NYC.

The local neighborhood sign photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Saw a huge sign and had a hint I was in wuhan’s linkong green ecological district. I mean it had large letters in English. It was hard not to know where I was at. Lost in my thoughts, I kept thinking about my time in China. Such a beautiful city that I hope to visit again. From the friendly people on the streets to the little girl in the subway that wanted to take picture with me because she never seen someone who looked like me in person. I had a great time learning and experiencing the chinese culture.

Marriott hotel photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Kept walking forward until I found a Marriott hotel. It was in the color red to match China. I have gotten so used to seeing american chains around the world that it didn’t surprised me to see a Marriott here. It was just another sign that the airport is nearby. Also, another reminder that I was leaving. Had to face reality, my time was up. I wanted to explore a little bit more. However, there was a seat on a plane headed towards NYC that had my name on it.

The sunsetting as if it’s saying good bye photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Saying good bye is always hard. Especially, now that I know what this city went through after I left. It’s currently happening where I live now. To the awesome people I met here, I hope they are okay. Grew so much as a person here. This is a trip that changed me in so many ways. During my time there and after I left. I will truly treasure my time in Wuhan and can’t wait to go back, once this virus settles down.

Got to the airport on time and went through the security line. As planned, my seat was waiting for me. Wuhan will become a thing of the past. A part of china nobody talks about. Or so I thought, who would had known the events that would happen here the months following.

Much love and safe travels! Please keep clean everyone!! Wash your hands!!

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