Concerns towards the Wildlife of the Mesoamerican reef

As my time through the reef was ending, I kept thinking about the claims of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was on verge of dying. Thinking of this made me wonder about the lifetime expectancy of the Mesoamerican Reef. I know this was mentioned in another post. However, it still bugs me.

Swimming close to the school of fish photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

While swimming, a school of fish was attracted to our boat. It was probably the dropings of food our tour guide was leaving. Amazed, it is still hard to believe how intelligent life is. We are often taught in school that animals and fishes are unintelligent compared to humans. In some ways, I can see what they mean. Humans have verbal communication with complicated language structures. Animals and fish, do not. However, seeing animals in the wild really changes your views (I know, I keep repeating myself).

The school of fish under our boat photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

In awe, I kept looking at the school of fish. They moved with such togetherness. Even if we humans are “smarter,” we do not move like these fishes. It’s as if, they are one. Imagine how much society would be if humans acted with such togetherness. There would be less chaos and violence in this world.

The school of fish photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Still lost in thought, I kept taking photos. Like a dolphin learning to swim, it has become a second nature. This is why I love travel, Im getting to experience this first hand. The way underwater life should be experienced. It makes you value more of what you have and what could be lost.

The shipwreck photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Once again, I was told to snap back into reality. Our boat was moving to another part of Hol Chan. This part is where a shipwreck happened. Once there, seeing the shipwreck was something else. It made me feel like I was in the Pirates of The Caribbean Movie. Definitely, a bucket list item was just checked off. I wish I had an air tank to fully explore it more. I was not going to take anymore unnecessary risks. A giant octopus kept coming into mind, as I thought about checking the ship. I’m sure that’s my subconscious mind telling me, it’s a bad idea. For that rare occasion, I listened to it wholeheartedly.

Sea turtle with fish on it’s back photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started moving away from the ship and I turned to see another turtle. This time, this one had a fish on it’s back. I’m pretty such we all have that one friend who reminds us of that fish.

Sea turtle with fish. photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It’s hard to believe all this wild life could be gone within my lifespan. Imagine how messed up the world would be without this ecosystem. I’m not guilt tripping anyone here or trying to make people feel bad. I just want us to be aware. I never used to care about these things because I didn’t think it would effect me. I highly recommend you all to take that vacation to your dream destination. Unfortunately, we eventually kick the bucket and for the looks of it, that bucket list destination could too.

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Genoa, Italy and the leaning tower of Pisa

After a crazy up hill drive with very narrow roadways, we made it to Genoa, Italy.

Although we were in the outskirts of the city, you can still feel the atmosphere. This part of Italy was a lot cooler in temperature.

The view was incredible and totally worth the drive. I have never seen such natural beauty. It made me feel like I was living in a painting.

In the photo above, you can see parts of the city.

I really enjoyed this part of Italy. I felt breathless from all the views. Don’t recommend coming here on a tour bus though. Since the roads are very narrow. If you are traveling in the mountains, bring a smaller car for safety reasons of course.

Oh yeah!!! By the way, the tower does lean in Pisa!

Next time we will go to Florence.

*All photos were taken by Hugo Morel.

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