Is china communist?

Before we go explore the Yellow Crane Tower, one question I kept getting from friends and family about China is the question this post is titled as. Is china Communist? Now the answer to that question is much more than just a yes or no. It’s has layers like an onion. China is a weird mixture of capitalism and communism. First of all, I want you all to know that China is much more than just communism. I’m not writing this for the idea of that I think China is just a communist country. Like I mentioned before, China is a mixture. I want to spread light to this topic because some people in the USA and the West think China is  some kind of a rich North Korea. I want to make sure that people know what is really going on in china. For that reason, my friends in Wuhan requested that I do not show our conversations on this blog. This is to make everybody just a little more informed about this topic. So, enough of me rambling and explaining myself like I was guilty of something. Here we go!

china soviet flag


In my short time in China, it’s clear China is not as communist as we in the USA believe. When you are there, people live very conformable. When I compare China to Cuba, you can tell that Cuba is more communist than China. I will write a post about how the people really live and feel about living under a pure communist rule in Cuba. I didn’t write it yet out of my safety because I plan to travel to more communist countries. There are two in mind that I still have to go before I can “spill the beans.”

So going back to China’s vs Cuba’s communism, Cuba is pure communism to the core. A college professor gets paid the same as a front desk worker at a hotel. They have to live on about 20 dollars a month, according to my local friend. A taxi driver makes more money than a medical doctor because a taxi driver can charge tourists more than what is recommend by the government. Which is highly illegal but they do it anyways.  However, there have been economic reforms since I last came there in May 2019.  In Cuba, the locals also have a card that allows Cubans to get a monthly supply of food. Sometimes, it’s not enough but that’s another topic. While in China, a kid that works at a fast food place can start up a company called Alibaba. The CEO will not get paid the same as his/hers employees. From what I saw, there was no one in line at the supermarkets and shops waiting for their monthly supply of food. Everything is bought with a supply and demand without an equal share mentality. Very different than Cuba.

China’s and Russia’s flag

Now, comparing China’s vs Russia’s communism things get more complicated. China and Russia ( once known as the former soviet union) were once very similar. It wasn’t until the after the death of Joseph Stalin, that the Soviet Union wanted to be less oppressive to the common people. In other words, Russians didn’t want to be ruled under such a controlling government.  China disagreed with Russia’s new ideals. China wanted to keep control of the general masses. Which in some forms, still goes on today. Currently, Russia is moving more towards a capitalistic economy like China. However, China kept it’s iron rule over the people. Meanwhile, Russia became less aggressive but still had some control over the lives of people.

Which now goes into the question that I keep getting asked. China is communist in the way they control the way the general masses think. They do not want the Chinese people to think negatively about their government.  Religion is allowed  but the holy scriptures like the Quran or the Bible have to be modified to fit their narrative. If one is caught with original copies, that person can go to jail for a long time or be sent to reprogram schools. Which is now currently happening to the Muslim community in China. The government wants order and people to be in that order. No chaos just order. So freedom of speech is not so free in China.  There is a program that China has been pushing for. It is called a social credit. Instead of having a score based on the financial decisions you made. This social credit will be based on your good deeds. If you do something bad, your score will go down. You will not have the same privileges as someone who has a high scorer. In other words, the Chinese government will be watching over you 24/7. This is where China starts becoming communist. Through the country’s control of it’s people. For that reason, I do not feel safe sharing my conversations with friends I met in Wuhan. I do want them to have more issues than they already facing.

ps. I love the Chinese people and their culture. China is much more than the communist party. Once things calm down, I will definitely go there again.

pss. The death toll has risen to 1,400. All we can do for them is to pray and hope their souls are in peace. Please remember, life is a gift and not a right. Make sure you tell your close ones how much you care about them.

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Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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