10 things to do in valdosta ga

Now when the world thinks about the state of Georgia, they think about peaches and the city of Atlanta. However, this state has a lot to offer. Much more than pecans, peanuts and sweet onions. This state has small gems cities that can be overlooked if you are not care. One of those cities is Valdosta Ga. This post will show you reasons to go to this small city of 56 thousand. These are things to do in Valdosta, Ga.

  1. Explore Grand Bay wetlands

Go fishing in one of Georgia’s swaps. Valdosta, Ga being right over Florida, you will see a lot more swaps and alligators. Of course, not too many alligators because they are scary. The Grand Bay Wetlands is a great way to explore the outdoors and appreciate the american wildlife. You can go hiking on the less wet parts of course, unless you like swimming with gators. In all seriousness, there is a half mile boardwalk that lets you see the swamp up close on foot. Really worth it, if you enjoy outdoor activities.

Grand bay wetland

2) Have family friendly fun at Jungle Jym’s

One thing is that we do not talk about much on this blog are places to go with your kids. Jungle Jym’s family fun center has activities to do indoors and outdoors. The place has an 18 hole mini golf course, arcades and bounce areas. A few fun things to do in valdosta ga for kids. Be a kid again with your kids. Join in the bouncy walls, play air hokey and show your kids you still have it. Truly, a great place for bonding.

*Sadly, I read in an article that the owner is racist. He pulled his gun out on a young girl. Please read the reviews before going. Not sure if the claims are true or not.

3) Have fun with nature at Freedom Park

This place is wonderful for getting back in touch with nature and for staying fit. There is plenty to do in Freedom Park. With it’s 250 acres of space, the park has a lot places to hike. The park also has dog parks with sections for small and big breeds dogs. It is a great place to get your dog or dogs out and let them express all that bundled up energy.

Freedom park

4) Go horseback riding at Spanish Moss Stables

Learn how to horse ride, at the Spanish Moss stables. With lessons on horse back riding, you get taught with some of the best teachers of all South Georgia. Already a rider, there levels that one can. If you feel comfortable horseback riding in the open field, you have that choice. It’s great way to experience that country life first hand. The Spanish Moss is also a ranch.

5) Visit the Valdosta Mall

I know shopping can be addictive and can be done anywhere. However, like that saying said, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” This is the city’s main shopping center. Great place to get what you are looking for. At night time, the mall looks really beautiful. An awesome post for Instagram pictures.

Valdosta Mall

6) Check out the local harvest at the Raisin Cane
The Raisin Cane is the local farmers market. You can get some of the best local product of all South Georgia here. That sweet vidalia onion and of course peaches. It’s truly a great place to have a taste of Georgia’s agriculture. Open Monday through Friday 11 am to 1:30 pm, get your slice of peach cobbler.
7) Have a blast at the Valdosta Wake Compound
Okay, I never been wake boarding. I have friends and family that did this in Dubai out of all place. This is something you can do while visiting Valdosta, Georgia. Wake boarding seems like tons of fun. You get on a wake board and you start getting pulled by a boat. In valdosta, there us a compound just for this water sport. Goes without saying, best time to go is during the warmer months. This is something I’m excited about going one day.
Wake boarding
8) Haira Ghost Tours
Another activity mentioned in last week’s post, if you are into ghost hunting this small city In southern Georgia has a tour for you. I’m starting to see more travelers make this type of travel common. This is mostly due to the travel channel mainly being about ghosts and not travel. Anyways, Georgia has a very strong and deep history. There were a lot of bloody battles fought here. I’m sure you will find a ghost to bring home as a souvenir.
9) Visit Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial park
Let’s be real, a lot of rural southern states tend to have communities with racist mentality. Not all people in the south think that way. Just be careful of where you are going at night. Read reviews of places before going. Don’t let ignorance stop you from having a good time. This place has a lot to offer and it would be ashame to not explore it. Remember Georgia is the state where Martin Luther King Jr was born. Make sure to visit that memorial of him in his home state. The one in valdosta is very nice. There are marble stones mentioning some of his many accomplishments!
10) Lose Your Voice By Screaming At Wild Adventures

Every where you go, you will find out where adventure junkies like to hang out. Luckily here, it is the amusement park called Wild Adventures. It’s an amazing park that also owns a water park. Great place to enjoy the outdoors in a family friendly place!

These are 10 fun things to do in valdosta ga!!!
Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

Ps. Sorry i have been struggling with the comments. Doing my best to catch up. Please don’t think i don’t care. I enjoy your thoughts!

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