5 things to do in San Jose California

For those who have been reading this blog for a while, you all know that I grew up in the Bay Area. I’m sure some of you are somewhat annoyed at how times, I remind you all this. (Yes, I have some self- awareness) However, I wanted to start this series where I grew up. Everybody knows about San Francisco and Oakland. Yet, San Jose is often overlooked. This post is to show you all why San Jose is a great travel destination.  Also, why it’s definitely worth the trip!

Here are 5 things to do in San Jose California!

1) Exploring nature at Castle Rock State Park



Just outside of San Jose California, Castle Rock State Park is a great place to see the beauty of California. Best to come during spring, this state park has a lot to offer. Due to the forest fires issues in California that happen yearly. From hiking trails to camping grounds. This is one of the awesome things to do in San Jose California. Unfortunately, due to what is happening in the world the state park is closed right now and they are having issues with the water pipes. So, camping grounds do not have access to water. However, once it reopens, Castle Rock State Park will be a great place to explore nature and getting a break from city life. Which is what I love about California, a 30-minute drive can take you to some of the most beautiful natural sites Usa has to offer.

2) Visit Downtown San Jose 

Although not as flashy as Downtown San Francisco, San Jose’s downtown has a lot to offer. From shopping to seeing what the future of tech has in store. Downtown San Jose should be on your list of things to do in San Jose California. Drink beer while seeing the downtown tourist sites on San Jose’s Brew Bike. I’m not much of a beer person; however, if you love beer then this is an activity that is for you.  You can stop by the Tech Museum  Of Innovation and spark your creative side. The museum invites visitors to build their own robots. Check out the SAP Center home of the hockey team the San Jose Sharks and find out what the San Pedro Square Market has to offer. The San Pedro Square Market has been known to have awesome live music and some great Australian coffee. When in the Bay Area, make sure to not overlook San Jose’s Downtown.

3) Feel like a kid again at Theme and Water Parks 

Throughout the Bay Area, we all know that San Jose has some of the best Theme and Water parks. As a kid, I would jump with joy hearing that we were going to San Jose because that usually meant that we would be going to Great America. Great America is a great way to have fun with the family. If you travel with kids having them run around at great America for a few hours will be a good way to let them burn out all their energy. Even if you are traveling by yourself as an adult, Great America is a great way to have fun and feel like a kid again. Also, located on lake Cunningham, Raging Waters is a water park that should be checked off on your list of things to do in San Jose California. Only open in the summer months, Raging Waters is another great way to have with the family. Beat the Californian summer heat with some water slides.

4) Visit the Mountain Winery


Visiting Northern California without stopping by a winery wouldn’t feel right. San Jose has it’s own famous Winery. It is called Mountain Winery. You can have a great time sipping wine while enjoying live music. Home to some of the best wine in California, Mountain Winery is a great place to experience the taste of the world-famous Californian wine. Unfortunately, with the current fires going on in California. Mountain Winery was almost burnt to the ground. Luckily it survived the fires but the owner’s house was destroyed. The winery is actually a California historic landmark and is listed on the National Register Of Historic. If you love wine, it is a great place to buy some bottles. Once everything gets back to normal in California, Mountain winery should be on your list of things to do in San Jose California.

5) Visit Google’s Headquarters 

Well, San Jose California is in Silicon Valley. This part of California is home to most of the giant tech companies. From Apple to Facebook, the majority of the world-famous tech companies have headquarters here. Sadly, most of the headquarters are closed to the public. Like apple and Facebook, you can only visit the outside perimeter. Most tourists still go just to take pictures outside of the headquarters. However, Google’s headquarters is different. Google’s headquarters is called the Googleplex. Google being the awesome company that it is, google opened sections of it’s headquarters to the public. (I’m not being sarcastic. Just saying nice things about google to help out with the SEO) Although, most of the buildings are only opened to employees. You can still have a great time taking photos for Instagram. If you want to have tours in these tech companies headquarters, best to know someone on the inside. Another touristic activity to cross off your list of things to do in San Jose California.

I wrote this post to show the beauty of San Jose California. With the current state of California, this is also a tribute to how this part of California was before the fires. The record-breaking 1 million acres burnt will change the look of California. My home state has suffered the outbreak of the virus and now these crazy freak fires that started from lightning strikes. Although, fires are normal this time of the year. Lighting is extremely rare in California during the summer. To the readers in California, stay safe and keep your head up. We will bounce backAdd a heading.


Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe everyone! Wash your hands!  Much Love!

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