Feeding Ducks at the serpentine River

Walking deeper into Hyde Park, I noticed a body of water. Started walking towards it. When I came next to the river, there were kids and their parents throwing pieces of bread. Of course, they were doing this to attract ducks and geese.

Ducks eating and looking for bread photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The kids were having so much fun. This reminded me of my childhood. The times I spent with my parents at the local park. Instead of feeding the ducks and geese, my childhood friends and I used to annoy the feathered animals. We used to chase them while screaming at them. After some time, they would start chasing us back. The tables were flipped and we were the ones running away.

A duck looking where to go photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Seeing this warmed my heart. Sometimes, I can’t believe how much of a trouble maker I was. Nothing like these kids at the park. All this made me think of how would life be like as a father. I just hope my children are not like how I was. If they are, I will not have a fun time.

Ducks about to swim photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After getting lost in my thoughts, I was snapped back into reality. A bunch of ducks started grouping around me. The pieces of bread were being thrown near me. Got out of the way like a deer running from headlights.

A Board explain the ducks photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, I started throwing bread at the ducks. Following the lead of a young couple that kindly let have some bread. I felt like a kid again. On my face was the brightest smile. It was as if, my inner-child came to know peace. Who would had thought a simple act of bread feeding animals by a river could be so reflective and healing.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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