Off to Thailand…Hopefully: Red Flags On the Journey to The East

Winter was here in NYC. The cold breeze with the white snow looked like a scene out of any of the Home Alone movies. I was sitting in my office desk hoping to be elsewhere. Thinking of all the warm climates that New York City did not offer. Eventually, I got a notification for tickets that the price had dropped. It was for a flight from NYC to Bangkok priced at 450. I just had to buy the tickets for a return in mid-December. Nobody knew was brewing around the same time in that part of the world. Hard to believe, it would cause so many deaths.

Snow On a New York Winter Day

Of course, I jumped on that deal. I was off to Thailand at the end of November. Well, I wished things were that easy. Sadly, nothing is very that easy. Looking at my passport, I realized it would expire in March 2020. That meant, most countries wouldn’t allow me in because I’m high risk of missing my return flight. The flight was just a week away. There was no time to spare. Or, so I thought.

Paying extra to get my passport renewed photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started applying for a new passport at the nearby FedEx store. In case something were to happen, I can always get the overnight option. It’s funny looking back, there were so many obstacles thrown at me. Maybe that was a sign that I shouldn’t have gone. However, me being stubborn I ignored all these signs and pushed through.

This trip was going to be epic. One week in Thailand and then, a few days in Malaysia. Hopefully, I can squeeze Cambodia as well. Gave Fedex the most valuable item to a traveler, their passport. Did all the paperwork. It was time to wait. Three days passed by, my flight was in 4 days. I decided to randomly check my passport status. Logged into the website and I saw the process on hold, reason: missing paperwork. I started to freak out a little. Had to find the solution quickly or I won’t be able to go to Asia. I remember I did all the paperwork right, one of the FedEx employees even double-checked it. It was weird that I could be missing a few pages. This was another sign that I probably shouldn’t have gone on this trip. Ignoring the sign, paid for the overnight service to make sure I could get the passport in time.

Flying to Asia photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Friday came, my flight was tomorrow and the new passport arrived. I was super happy and excited. Had to do last-minute packing because I wasn’t 100 percent sure that I was going to be able to travel. Packed like a wild person. After a few hours, I was ready.

It was Saturday, the time of my flight arrived. Got on the plane, looking at the plane tickets. I noticed that I never actually flown on China Southern Airlines. Nor have I heard of a place called Wuhan, China. Had to google the city before the plane took off. Found out it was the third-largest city in China. Looks like I will have a good time exploring Wuhan. Glad I had the chance to be there twice. It was time for take-off and I was off to a journey to the east that the world will never forget.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe everyone! Wash your hands! Much Love!Thank you so much for your support!!

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