Covid 19-Value your health

During these times, I want to keep everything on this blog positive. However, I will not give an illusion that everything is fine. I just lost a few people that I knew. One, helped me with skills I use on a daily basis.  The others were so kind and would give the clothes off their back for someone.


As you all know, New York City is the epicenter of covid-19 in the Untied States. Most of my family lives here. My grandma, aunts and uncles have lived in the same homes for over 60 years now. New York City is part of my roots and a part of my history. It’s sad to see so much death here. Never felt like a New Yorker until now. Even with these times being hard, I have seen people volunteering to give food to the elderly. I haven’t been able to see my grandparents due to my travels. I was always worried about me bring a sickness to them. Knowing that people are out there helping the elderly gives me a sense of community.  Remember there is always some positivity in dark times.  Doesn’t matter what brought you into that dark tunnel. At the end of every tunnel, there is an exist. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So please everyone, don’t take these times lightly. For those who live in rural areas and less populated areas, this virus will still do it’s damage. Make sure to follow the rules of how not to spread it. Wish you luck and health! Please wash your hands before eating.

Exploring Downtown New York City during the coronavirus lockdown

Even with this virus going on, the new york city hustle still has to go on. I wanted to see how nyc looks like during the lockdown. It was only day 3 of the quarantine. No one was really taking it that seriously at that time. So there was some people going out. As I write this, there is a curfew now.

Day 3 photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Did all the preparations to make sure there won’t be any unwanted souvenirs. This time exploring Manhattan, you can tell it was nothing to joke about. I was the only one walking around in the streets at times. Never felt so alone in new york.

Downtown photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I could not shake that gut feeling that something is wrong. I know that this virus is bad but, this is something coming from an apocalyptical movie. What made it worse was the homeless guy screaming in the background in pain. He was screaming like a lunatic. Not sure if he was doing this on purpose to get attention or he really was hurting. Maybe both possibly.

The freedom tower photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Dark clouds came overhead, it was so poetic. As almost the clouds knew, we are in for some dark times. I’m going to try to be as postive as possible. However, seeing new york city like this really pushes my fear buttons.

The oculus photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Places that are usually filled with people, seems almost like a ghost town. The picture above is the mall at the world trade center. This place is usually packed with people. Either going to/leaving work or just shopping. I never seen anything like this during a weekday at 4 pm.

Loneliness photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

What I kept noticing were the police and the security guards still working. Felt almost bad for them. They weren’t wearing any mask. Some were wearing gloves. However, they are the ones seeing this pandemic live. They are at the front lines of this. It has given me a higher level of respect towards the people who risk their lives to bring us peace. I dont agree to everything they do. Yet, picture new york city or your local area without any police during a lockdown. I’m sure people will turn to rioting after a few days.

Barbershop photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Went to a local barbershop in downtown Manhattan. Saw this sign. It’s clear some people are too worry about the virus to care about spelling and grammar. I’m not a grammar police but come on…you can’t spell further nor precaution? At least use google, to spell it for you. If this picture becomes a meme, you know where you found it first.

I went exploring downtown manhattan during day 3 of the lockdown. It was not as serious as it is now. I recommend none of you do this!

Keep safe everyone! Please don’t leave the house unless you have to. I wish you all luck and health!! Much love and safe travels!.

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