Top 5 best things to do in amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that is known throughout the world. Most people go to this city for activities that are illegal in their country. This post will not highlight those activities. So, be ready to learn about this city in a new light and I’m not talking about the red ones. There are a lot of awesome things you could do in this city but most people overlook it. This post will be more family-friendly. This is the list of the top 5 best things to do in Amsterdam.

1.Taking a Canal Tour 

To show the canal of best things to do in amsterdam
A picture of the canal
to show the canal again for best things to do in amsterdam
Another picture of the canal

So, I can not talk about Amsterdam without taking a Canal Tour. You have not experienced Amsterdam if you have not done this activity. Best to do it in spring or fall, but summertime is not so bad. Sometimes, the canal gets frozen over in winter. So, you can not take a tour when it does. Picture you seeing the beautiful city at night and the lights reflecting on the water. You get the real European feel when experiencing the canal tour. This is another activity you must cross off on your list of best things to do in Amsterdam.

2. Visit Vuurtoreneiland

to show the resturant for best things to do in amsterdam
a view of the restaurant
to show the restaurant again for best things to do in amsterdam
Another view of the restaurant
to show the best things to do in amsterdam
drinking wine on the island at the restaurant


There is a small island that you can visit. It is off the coast of Durgerdam. You take a boat ride to visit this island and it is definitely worth the trip. Once on the Island, the only main attraction is the restaurant. Best that you go during the spring and/or fall to enjoy more of this island. However, the restaurant is indoors and you can still enjoy the view of calm moving waters while eating your food. Drink your wine with amazing views, while eating your choice of food and being in a relaxing atmosphere. This island is a must-do on your list of best things to do in Amsterdam.

3. Visit Albert Cuyp Markt and test your bargaining skills  

Albert Cuyp Markt best things to do in amsterdam
a view of Albert Cuyp Markt
an other Albert Cuyp Markt best things to do in amsterdam
A view of people buying at Albert Cuyp Markt
Albert Cuyp Markt with flag of best things to do in amsterdam
Albert Cuyp Markt with the nation’s flag

I’m sure you heard about the middle eastern markets but the Dutch have Albert Cuyp Markt. The products are more food and dairy. However, if you are a foodie, this is the best place to find international treats and food. While you are in Amsterdam, this is one of the best places to find the best prices on food in the whole city. You can find stalls that sell clothes and other touristic items. Keep your eyes open and you will be able to find some awesome bargains to bring back home to your loved ones.  The market is open on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. From 9 am to 5 pm, you will see the stalls open for you to go shopping.

4)visit Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum best things to do in amsterdam
the outside view of Rijksmuseum
inside of Rijksmuseum best things to do in amsterdam
An inside of view of Rijksmuseum

If you are into Museums and learning about history, Rijkmuseum is the place for you. There is a lot of museums to visit here in Amsterdam like the Anne Frank Museum. However, the biggest and grandest one of them all is Rijkmuseum. Rijkmuseum has the country’s finest art just waiting for you to see. Join the 2.4 million visitors a year. While here, you will explore Dutch’s history and culture while enjoying your time in a great atmosphere. It will cost you about 20 euros to get into this museum but it will definitely worth the money.

5) Relax in Flevopark

inside of Flevopark showing the beauty of nature
Seeing the beautiful colors of Flevopark

When you are exploring in a city, sometimes you need to take a break to relax. Away from the hustle and bustle, Flevopark is a great way for you to sit and relax. Located in the eastern part of the city, you can enjoy your time at the tennis courts, walk on the many trails, watch nature and/or get away from the noise of a global metropolis. There are plants and animals here that you can’t find in the other parks in Amsterdam. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in this park that you can take a quick swim in. Of course, the swimming pool is only open when the weather allows it to be but if you are into jumping in cold waters during winter, there is always the canal. You might get arrested though. Flevopark, the nature reserve is worth it.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe and travel safe everyone! Much love!

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