Waiting like a kid and missing my train at the Marrakesh station

After eating that wonderful ice cream, I went back into the station. I was so excited to be able to do this. Since I was a kid, I told my father that I will do a long train travel in Africa. Here I am as an adult, about to do what I claimed I would more than a decade ago. Hopefully in the future, I will do more than one country on a train! You get to see more of the countryside than being on flight.

Kfc In morocco photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I was excited to see Morocco by train. Starting off at Marrakesh with a stop in Casablanca, this train journey will end up in Tangier. Tangier is almost across the sea from Spain. It’s on the very tip of northwest morocco. So, I was almost seeing the whole country on train. My face had the brightest smile. You can’t say dreams don’t come true. For at that moment, I was living in one.

An American real estate company photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Per-ordered  my train tickets from a local agency. It was a little more expensive buying them in person. In Morocco, you can’t buy train tickets online with a foreign card. If you are using a foreign card, you have to buy everything in person. That’s why I used a local agency, they assure to buy your tickets ahead of time. Most of the extra money went to a good cause. The agency helps with local troubled youth, so I wasn’t mad.

A bird’s eye view of the train station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Waiting to board the train was dreadful. It’s like a kid waiting in line to go to Disneyland. Every ten minutes, I would look at my watch. Wondering when I will board. With very little public WiFi spots, I had to find something to pass my time. Pulled out a book to read; however, I put it back in fear of losing track of time. It was one of those moments, where you were frustrated going back and fourth on what to do.

The entrance of the train station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Of course, that’s what happened even without reading my book. I missed calculated the time difference and apparently my phone did too. I missed my train and had to take another one, two hours later. Which means more waiting like that kid in line at the Disneyland entrance. This was just the start to something more complicated. However, that didn’t stop me from having a good time.

Hey, everyone!! I’m sorry I haven’t responded to your comments and not making a post yesterday. It’s been a rough three weeks for me. Lost two close people recently. Also, on Monday I just lost an uncle to the virus. It’s very hard for me and everyone lately. I”m terribly sorry once again. I promise to reply to every comment by this weekend. Please stay safe everyone. Wash your hands!! Safe travels and much love!

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