Eating Indian Food Limerick, Ireland

Sometimes when you are out and about, you tend to forget that food is needed. Out of nowhere, your stomach starts to yell. You are reminded that you are hungry. However, when you are out at night in an unfamiliar city. You have to eat what you can. Especially, if the city closes everything early.

The entrance to the Indian restaurant photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I stumbled acrossed this Indian restaurant. At the time, seeing an Indian restaurant in the middle of Ireland seemed out of place to me. Looking back, since the Republic of Ireland was once part of the U.K. It just make sense the Indian food scene should be good here. Oh, it is very good.

The stair to the restaurant photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with stairs. You can hear Indian music playing in the backgroud. It felt like I was stepping into a little India. The restaurant looked like any typical Indian eating place. The difference is the music playing in the background. It was a woman with a high voice singing in Hindi. It really gave an authentic experience. I kind was hoping that people jump out dancing like in the Bollywood movies.

The food came and my stomach became happy. Still yelling but this time with joy. Stuck with chicken because I’m not as adventurous as most people think. Every time I see goat on the menu, I keep being remind of those youtube videos of yelling goats. Moral of the story, careful what you stumble on the internet.

Sitting on the table photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The food was amazing. The spices on the chicken were really good. It tasted a lot better than majority of Indian restaurants that I went to. This experience made me want to go India one day. I know the food will be different in India than the USA or Ireland. Yet, this made me excited about India. It was around this time, I noticed I left my phone charger. Who knew that would create a problem in the near future.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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