Ruins: The pyramids of Giza

After going around the ground site of Giza, we finally made it to the pyramids. They were completely out of this world. Makes you really think twice about humanity and all of our achievements.

Taken by hugo Morel

All I could remember that day, was it being really hot. Finding water was somewhat a problem because you had no choice but to buy overpriced water from the street vendors. Make sure to double check, if the bottle has been opened or not. You don’t want to be drinking water from the nile. Haha no joke, it’s an actual thing here.

Someone climbing the pyramids taken by Hugo Morel

There were a lot of guards in the area. My local friend and I had to pretend we didn’t know each other because of local laws. A local woman can not show male tourists around, unless she is a tour guide. Made the whole situation awkward. Still with all the guards, there were people climbing the pyramids. As seen in the picture above.

Taken by Hugo Morel

As seen in the picture above, you can easily climb the pyramids. Of course, I wouldn’t do it because I don’t want to spend a night in an Egyptian jail. Unfortunately, this historic site has become a magnet for littering. There were a lot of empty water bottles thrown on the floor.

Where the pharaohs’ would have set thier boats taken by Hugo Morel

There’s always something special about being in the place you read growing up in history books. The feeling is out of this world.

The sphinx tourist shot taken by Hugo Morel

You know, I had to do the sphinx tourist shot. I don’t normally do things but hey, I’m in Giza.

Giza selfie taken by Hugo Morel

Also, had to throw in a selfie too. Can’t tell you all how much I dislike selfies but, I was really riding the tourist vibe.

hyroglifics taken by Hugo Morel

We walked around some more and found a little tomb with hyroglifics. Really wish we were able to read this ancient language. The stories this tomb had to tell us. We won’t be able to pass it on. It’s crazy to think that this little tomb was over 2 thousand years old.

Thank you for reading. Much love and safe travels!

Next week, I will be going inside the pyramids and share some history on the structures!

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