10 things to do in Idaho falls

Now, Idaho is a state that is not many people talk about outside of the USA. It’s really a state that people fly over or visit, if they have family there. When you mention Idaho these question always arrives, What is there to do in Idaho? Or What is there to do in Idaho Falls? Well, this post will show you there are a lot of fun and cheap “things” to do in Idaho Falls. Which will be our main focus in the beautiful state of Idaho.


1) Yellowstone National Park

Oh yeah, Yellowstone National Park is not too far away. Although the park is mainly in Wyoming, a few hours drive can get you to see this beautiful park. This is a place I always wanted to go but never had a chance. Actually been to Idaho a few times, just to Boise, Idaho. As you can guess, I really want to go back to this part of the USA. I mean just look at that yellow rock!!! In all seriousness though, I have been wanting to go this park since I was a kid. So, this is definitely going on my bucket list.

Yellowstone national park

2) Visiting the Idaho Brewing Company

I’m not much of a beer junkie but I know there are few of them out there. If you would like to have place to just relax and drink some beer, The Idaho Brewing company is the spot. Located in the city of Idaho Falls, it’s hard to miss. I’m sure every local knows where this place is! Known for it’s in house tap beer and it’s friendly atmosphere, you will truly enjoy your time there.

3) Visiting Grand Teton National Park

As you can probably tell, Idaho falls has a lot of nature to visit and explore. The grand Teton National Park is no different. Located about a 2 hour drive from Idaho Falls, seeing this park in person is definitely worth it. The views look like they come from a movie. Teton national park really shows the beauty of America’s natural landscape. With the white capped mountains, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place!

Grand Teton National Park

4) Taking a ghost walk tour

Yeah, this isn’t really my thing. However, if you don’t mind the possibility of bringing a ghost back as a souvenir, you should definitely check this tour out. The tour goes around downtown Idaho falls. The city of Idaho falls is rich with history and this is an interesting way to learn. With the paranormal traveling on the rise, might as well put this on your list. Here is the link to a company that offers these type of tours.  *warning* We will not be held responsible for any ghosts you bring into your life. Not all of them are like Casper the friendly one.

5) Stopping Snake river escape rooms

I never knew what an escape room was. Growing up, I always thought escape rooms were places people go when they are running from the zombie apocalypse or the police. Never thought it was some type of adult game room. What is an escape room? Well, I asked the same question myself. Escape rooms are rooms where people play a game of finding clues, solving puzzles and accomplishing tasks within a certain amount of time. It’s a fun and wholesome way of spending your time in Idaho falls.

6) Take a tour of St. Anthony Sand Dunes

Oh you never heard about Idaho having Sand Dunes. Well, don’t worry about it because we didn’t as well. Google really opens your mind! About a 40 minute drive from Idaho Falls, these sand dunes will leave you speechless. It will make you think you are in the middle of Qatar or in the Sahara. Totally worth the trip.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

7) Seeing the Japanese Pavilion

A great and cheap way to visit Asia in the Midwest is going to the Japanese pavilion in Idaho falls. Get a taste of japan with the Japanese style buildings and gardens.  Located on a island in snake river by the Broadway Bridge, step into a land very far away but in the backyard of Idaho. It open 24/7 year round, great place to be if you enjoy Japanese culture.

8) Giant Eagle Waterfall Nest

In the middle of a roundabout you will find a landmark like no other. The tourist attraction are eagles flying over a waterfall, I haven’t seen much tourist attractions like that. Where an artificial waterfall is in the middle of cars. It’s pretty cool to see of front and take photos from Instagram, at least what my friends told me. I enjoy the uniqueness of the landmark. So, I wouldn’t mind stopping by when I’m there.

9) Walk along Snake River Greenbelt

Walk along the snake river greenbelt and the see the history of Idaho Falls. It’s a six mile walk alongside snake river. It’s is a great way to get some exercises while on traveling. The river used to be the main highway for the city. It was used to get into Montana and other nearby states. It’s the main reason why the city was established. The river eventually turns into waterfalls. Which is how the city got it’s name. Truly a great way to see the natural beauty of Idaho. Also, it’s free. Enough said, right?

Snake River

10) See Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field

Located not too far way from Idaho Falls, lays a lava field that looks like it comes from a star wars movie.  The Hell’s Half Acre Lava field is truly a beauty to see in person. The national natural landmark was created by a lava lake few thousands years ago. It’s worth seeing because it almost looks like you are in another planet like mars. The beauty the earth hold has no limit.

Hell’s Half Acre Lava Field

Well there you all go, hope this post changed your mind about Idaho Falls. There is a lot of reason to book a flight to this city. This part of the USA has a lot to offer from sand dunes to it’s lush rivers. Idaho falls has it all.  Truly, worth booking that flight to this part of Idaho!

Thank you so much for reading! Much love and safe travels!

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