Another close call: escaping a 6.2 Italian earthquake

As we were waiting for the plane to take us back home, I was thinking about how much this month in Europe has changed me. I was worried about when I go back, i would not be able to relate to friends, family and my old hang out spots like I used. This is the dark side about traveling. Yes, traveling usually changes you for the good; however, the post-travel blues is an actual issue. A lot of the things you used to relate to become unfamiliar. As if, you aren’t on the same page as your friends and loved ones anymore.

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After a few hours delay, we were on the plane ready to take us home. Little did I know, we just escaped a possible tragical and deathly event.

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My phone didn’t start to ring until around midnight when I arrived back home. I was confused to see so many people trying to get in contact with me. From ex girlfriends to friends I haven’t spoken to in years. I found out the news that there was a 6.2 earthquake in Central Italy. Places like Rome, Vatican city and Siena were hit. A lot of people were killed and many homes were ruined.

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As you can see from the photos, I probably escaped death. If we would had stayed one more day in Italy, we probably would had been caught in all the destruction. Now as I write this having more wisdom and experience, I’m truly lucky to escape all these close calls. Being bitten in the neck by a dog in Panama, somehow random strangers traded seats with me that led me away from all the sick people on my flight back from dubai; and, not being caught up in this 6.2 earthquake. It’s as if, someone is looking out for me. As if, I’m being protected by an unseen force. Whoever or whatever it is, it wants me alive.

Screenshot from wikipedia of the death toll

If you all want to read the news article, you can click on here. Thank you for reading this article. Stay safe and enjoy life!! You never know when it can be taken away. Much love everyone!

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