My last meal in Olso

My time in Norway was ending. This beautiful country will leave a mark in my heart. Its sophisticated charm is what lead me to wish this was my home. However, that cold made me reconsider. Had a few more hours here, I needed to make the best of the little time left.

A view of a street in Oslo photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started to explore the parts I didn’t get to visit on my first go-around. Once again the sun went down quick. Within an hour of being outside, the sky looked completely different. It was 3 pm but it looked like I was walking after midnight. However, there were still people out having a good time. Which was a good sign.

The Indian Restaurant at the top and the Hamburger place on the first-floor photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, my stomach started growling. I realized I haven’t eaten all day. Started looking for something to eat. Walked about half of a block, until I found two restaurants. One on top of the other. It was either Indian food or hamburgers. Yeah, the hamburger sign was what attracted me. I actually tried the Hamburger place first but everything was self-served. They had screens that you choose what type of burger you want. I think we should start doing this more in the usa. Especially now with social distancing being the norm. Everything was in Norwegian, kept looking for the English option. However, I never found it. That was the excuse I needed to go upstairs and eat some Indian food. I’m sure you all can see, I love Indian food. Sadly, it wasn’t the typical style I have gotten used to.

Going upstairs was like walking into another country. The atmosphere changed to fit the theme of the restaurant. Indian music was playing in the background. The lights were dim and the carpets reminded me of that Disney movie called Aladdin. I was greeted by one of the Indian chefs. Was shown to my seat. On the menu, it gives a background on the head chef. It was actually a couple, there were both Tamil. The husband was from Sri Lanka and the wife was from India. A commonality I noticed about a few Indian restaurants is that a lot of the chefs tend to be from different parts of the Indian subcontinent. However, I never saw a Pakistani being a chef at an Indian restaurant. I’m sure the tension between the two countries is a major factor.

The food was eventually brought to me. When the plate hit my table, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t notice that this was a fancy restaurant. Not much of a fan of high-end restaurants. The menu and food prices were decently priced. So, I thought this is a normal restaurant. Regardless, I ate the food. It was really good. However, it was not that filling. The plate looked more like I was going to paint something. I will still give respect to the chefs. The food was really good but the quantity was small. Call me low class or whatever but, that’s why I don’t go to fancy restaurants.

The Dominican flag in Norway? photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

After eating, I started walking towards the train station. My time here was almost up.  I eventually noticed this advertisement. I literally thought I was in New York City. I didn’t know they had a Dominican and Latino community here. I found out they even have Dominican restaurants like in Nyc. That blew my mind. It’s official, Latinos are everywhere. Like that one annoying Disney ride, it truly is a small world after all.

Outside of the train station photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, I was outside the train station. I had to say goodbye to such a beautiful county. I will definitely miss this part of the world. The people here were very friendly now that I think about it. Sweden and Norway are a must on everybody’s bucket list.  I recommend going during the summertime. However, winter in this part of the world can be majestic.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe everyone! Wash your hands!  Much Love!

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