Accidentally finding London’s Chinatown

Imagine accidentally walking into a place with beautiful Chinese arches. It was as If, I walked into another country and continent. I almost second-guessed myself. For a few seconds, I thought my trip to London was nothing but an old memory.  I was snapped back into reality when I saw signs in English.

The entrance to London’s Chinatown with a paifang photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

It was dark and full of energy. Although, the pictures I took everything looks closed. Two turns away, the streets were full of life. The whole place was interesting. The colors and light they put on the Chinese arches made everything pop out. It is clear that London’s Chinatown is very proud of its heritage.

Another picture of a Paifang photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

I learned that the gateway’arches are called paifang. They were introduced to China from India when Buddhism spread to East Aisa. In the Indian subcontinent, it is called Torana. Throughout East and Southeast Aisa it has a different name. I noticed these patterns and colors on my trips throughout that part of the world. Never knew it was because of the spread of Buddhism via the silk road. That’s what I love learning about history because it helps you connect the dots.

A Chinese restaurant in London’s Chinatown photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Found a few restaurants opened nearby. Never had much of an interest in Chinese food outside of China. I always found it super oily. I heard from friends that the food is very different in China. Sadly, I didn’t get to explore that during my time in Wuhan. I ate at burger king like a true American. From what I read, different parts of China have different styles of cuisines.  I learned that Sichuan cuisine is spicey and they flavor their food with Chilli peppers. Which was brought to China from Mexico via the Portuguese in Macao or from the Portuguese colonies in India. Sichuan cuisine comes from the Sichuan province in China. Which is in the middle of china two provinces away from Wuhan. Close to the border with Myanmar.  Also, I learned from friends that Cantonese cuisine is sweet. Cantonese cuisine comes from Hong Kong and it’s surrounding areas.  I really have to try it one day!  However, Chinese food in Chinatowns from any parts of the world, I would probably reject the offer. Unless they were really authentic!

A street in London’s China Town photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The night was coming to a close. I felt my body could not keep up with all the time changes. I felt like just taking a nap and relaxing. My night time adventures were coming to an end. The reminder that I had another day and a half to explore London made me smile. I couldn’t wait to see what else London had to offer.

Thank you so much for reading! Stay safe everyone! Wash your hands!  Much Love!

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