Night time exploring around Stockholm

The sun went down and I wanted to see what the Swedish capital had to offer at night. Decided to go around at the risk of freezing. Since, it gets a lot colder at night. However, I’m in Stockholm and I don’t know when I will be back. I guess this was a yolo moment…**cringed**

Stockholm at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

When I got outside, I was hit with a cold blast of air. The air felt like when you put your head in the freezer or by the air conditioner on a hot summer’s day. However, without the warmth when stepping away. This cold was strong and I just had to adapt to it. Which, I eventually did.

A dark street in stockholm photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Stockholm is very beautiful during the day. Once nightfall comes, it another level of beauty. Seeing the skyline at night was truly amazing. I couldn’t tell if it was the cold or the view. Regardless, my breath was taken away. Every major European city at night has this attractiveness that most of the world lacks. You see more flashy lights and taller buildings elsewhere. Yet; in Europe, most major cities are not like that. There’s like a classic charm here. I know i mentioned this before. It’s just what I keep noticing

Walking down one of the main roads in stockholm at night photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Walking around, I was in awe of everything. It felt like I was in the north pole. Which is not too far from here. As if Stockholm was where Santa Claus lived. I’m sure if I was a kid, it would had been a dream to travel here. It’s cool that Swedish culture has roots to Nordic culture. Which is probably why, I hoped to see elves here working with St. Nick.

The beautiful “tunnel” photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The pathways here are so beautiful. Walking down the alluring cobblestones street, I turned to my right and saw what I’ll say was a “tunnel.” Imagine walking through this every day. I’m sure it looks pretty to us but for the locals, it’s whatever. Sometimes we don’t value what is in front of us everyday.

Just outside of another main street photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Eventually, started walking further down the street. More and more stores kept appearing. All of them were advertising hot chocolate. Being distracted by the beauty, I almost forgot I was freezing. The hot chocolate ads brought me back to reality. It was time to warm up. However, my night of exploring was still not over. Couldn’t wait to see more of this Nordic city has to offer.

Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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