5 best things to do in new zealand

New Zealand the country south of the Downunder. This country’s beauty is hard to match elsewhere. Known worldwide for its breathtaking landscape. Home to the hobbit town and many scenes of the lord of the rings movies. Every turn in New Zealand’s countryside will make you want to stay forever. There are a lot of things to do in this majestic country. I will focus on the top 5 must-do attractions in New Zealand. So, these are the 5 best things to do in New Zeland.

1)Vist the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers

New Zeland has many Glaciers. Being so close to the South Pole there are many choices of glaciers to see. However, Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are unique to the world. They are among one of the most accessible glaciers in the world. These glaciers’ terminal faces are lower than other glaciers around the world. A lot of tourists take helicopter rides arranged by the local airlines to see the top of these glaciers. You can also explore the base of the glaciers. There are many ice caves to walk around in. Similar to my time in Iceland, New Zealand has similar activities. Get lost in the cold icy lands while seeing the beautiful west coast of the south island. These Glaciers are on the South Island. Most of the international airports are near Auckland and North Island. However, there are several international airports on the South Island. Might cost you an arm and a leg, if you book a direct flight to the South Island. Best to book an international flight to the North Island from and buy a separate domestic flight to South Island. These glaciers are definitely worth the trip.

2) See the Southern Lights

Although, not as famous as the Northern Lights. The Southern Lights are just as beautiful. New Zealand’s location, makes it one of the best places to see them. You can travel to South Island and see the Southern Lights very clearly. With South Island not having much light pollution, you won’t have issues looking up at the night sky.  The best time to see them is from March to September. This is something that should be on your bucket list.

3) Visit Hobbiton 

Hobbiton has become a major tourist attraction in New Zealand. The famous movie set is actually on a family-run farm on North Island. They have fully guided walking tours. There are over 40 hobbit holes that spread about 12 acres. Even if you are not a fan of the movies, it’s still a beautiful site to visit. There are many breathtaking views that would make you feel like you are in another century. Many lords of the ring fans will feel like they are apart of the movies. It’s truly a must-see when in New Zealand.

4) Hike the southern alps

New Zealand is World known for its natural beauty. New Zealand is definitely a country to go to if you like hiking. There are tons of places to go hiking. The southern alps are one of them. Located on the South Island, it’s hard to miss them. There are many hiking tours that are open year-round. See the beauty of New Zealand from the peaks of the mountains.

5) Overnight Kiwi spotting tours

Going to New Zealand and not seeing Kiwi will be difficult. Since kiwis are everywhere here. However, I will now be talking about the bird and not the people. The kiwi bird is New Zealand’s mascot. These birds actually look like the kiwi fruit. There are serval tours for bird watchers. The best ones are the ones at night. Just off the west coast of North Island, there is a place called Kapiti Island. Kapiti Island is a bird and nature sanctuary. Free of predators and pests, you get to see the kiwi roam without a worry in the world. Truly worth seeing when you are on your trip to the country of kiwis.

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