Twas The night before Christmas in Madrid (sunshine blog award 🌞)

Twas the night before Christmas, somewhere there was a kid secretly opening their presents without the adults knowing. When I was a toddler, that kid opening presents early was me. The Christmas spirit filled me with so much nostalgia. At one point in my life, it was my favorite time of the year.

Madrid’s most famous Christmas tree photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Seeing families with their children running home put a smile on my face. Everybody looked happy and relaxed. The Puerta Del Sol was packed with people. All eyes fixed on the neon lighted Christmas tree. I was in lost for words. This tree lived up to the hype.

Famous statue del puerta del sol photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

The texture and patterns of the lights were so interesting. It felt like Times Square when the ball drop for new year’s. The Spanish public square was completely packed. Everywhere you turned, there was a person with a camera. Had to get out the main part of Puerta Del Sol to take a photo. It was almost impossible to get close to the tree.

The entrance to Puerta del sol photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Still with all these people, I was loving the moment. People were all together celebrating something positive. Not sure, why that stood out to me. Maybe because I feared someone or something would make a negative out this celebration. Luckily, everything was relaxed. You didn’t even see police with guns imposing like you do in the USA. There was no sense of intensity here. Just smilingly faces with joyful expressions.

Christmas lights Madrid photo courtesy of Hugo Morel

Started walking back to my Airbnb apartment. The thought about of my family came to my mind. I wonder how they were doing. I spoke with my parents and everything was fine. What made me pounder, were my cousins. We used to be so close. Yearly, I used to celebrate Christmas with them. Around this time as kids, my brother and I used to travel to New York City to visit. Sadly as you get older, sometimes family bonds fade away. Who you considered your love ones, don’t always want to show you love back. Please, treasure the good moments with your love ones. You never know what the future has in store! Regradless of how I was feeling, loved my time in Madrid.

Hey everyone we got nominated for the sunshine award!!

I Want to say thank you to chocoviv. She is someone who is always positive! I really recommend reading her blog! Here is the link! Even when everything is not going her way, she alway looks at the bright side of things. Her blog is for people who love positivity. Truly honoured that she reads my blog post πŸ™‚

The Sunshine Blogger Award Rules :

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1) Do you celebrate Christmas? If not, do you celebrate any special day in December?

Yes, I celebrate Christmas. However, the way My family and I celebrate it is different than the main stream. It’s more about eating food than exchanging presents. Our meals are the presents.

2) What book are you reading right now?

Currently reading the 48 laws of power.

3) Netflix or YouTube?

Youtube all the way. Since most of it is free.

4) Favourite movie?

The movie Hugo. It’s crazy how it has my name as the movie’s title and I could relate it to struggle of the main character.

5) Favourite artist?

Don’t really have a favorite. For some reason Bob Marley is the first to come to mind.

6) Dream vacation location?

Antarctica! Currently planning on going there soon!

7) When did you start blogging?

About 4 years ago

8) Why did you start blogging?

My friend recommended me to start blogging. Sadly he just wanted to use me.

9) Do you like using gift bags or are you a wrap-expert?

We don’t do normal gifts. Our meals are the gifts. So i guess plastic bags.

10) Favourite childhood toy?

A teddy bear i called Pacheco. I losted it somewhere.

11) Go to friend’s house or host the party at your own place?

Probably go to a friend’s house. I hate when people are at my home. Things tend to go missing.

Alright! Time for my questions!!

1) what are your plans for next year?

2) How are you going to make sure those goals are accomplished for next year?

3) What is the favorite place you traveled to?

4) Do you like to travel alone or with friends?

5) what is the funniest travel story you experienced?

6) Does it snow this time of the year where you live?

7) When did you start blogging?

8) Do you enjoying blogging?

9) What is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

10) What made you smile the hardest this year?

11) What are your travel plans for next year?

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Thank you for reading! Stay safe and much love! Happy holidays everywheres

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  1. Great post. I had Madrid show up in my dream the other night even before you started your Madrid postings. Must be some place I’m supposed to go. I loved your mention of opening presents early. My brother and I once opened all our presents early then re-taped them all. It was horrible. On Christmas day we had to fake like stuff we already knew we didn’t like πŸ™‚ So never did that again. It’s great your family gives food as your presents, then everyone gets to share.

    Congratulations on the award. I don’t participate in awards but I appreciate you thinking of me. I’m glad you like my blog. I will answer your questions though by number
    1. To bring forth the Shift into the light if we haven’t managed to assist it getting down before the end of the year. 2. I do the work each day in a joint session with my work partner, John and work alone, too. 3. I still love CO…it pulls at my heart. Lake Louise is a close second. 4. I like traveling alone and also with friends. 5. Traveling to San Blas in 77, from Nogales, my friend said we didn’t need to exchange our money into pesos yet, so we all had travelers checks and only a little US cash. We got on board with a ticket to only the next stop. At one point, we found a couple that looked like they came out of a Woody Allen movie, a Mexican man, who changed our little cash into pesos. Otherwise, we kept a low profile when the conductor would ask for tickets. We met one of the conductors and at one point he hid us in his compartment. Later, we slept and hid in the women’s bathroom. Finally, after getting off and on the train to hide in the compartment, then shooed out of the bathroom, we got off at Mazatlan to buy tickets to Topek to catch the bus to San Blas. We had enough pesos finally to do that. After we got our ticket was the only time we were asked for our tickets. What an adventure…but scary. 6. snow and rain. 7. I think it has been at least 10 years. I started on a site called Posterous…I think. I enjoy it. 9. Mmmmm it’s been a tough year. My spiritual work and my walks are the best thing. 10. The beauty I’ve seen on drives and walks. 11. Couer d’Alene ID, Seattle WA, probably the Arcata, CA area, St. George Utah, hopefully CO and then….who knows….throughout the galaxy?

    1. Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for your response! I remember you telling me that story. I always enjoy reading your posts. Your views on the universe is interesting. Haha i used to do the same thing as kid. It became so oblivious that we were opening and rewrapping that just stopped. Merry Christmas!! Hope yall your goals are achieved next year and it would be awesome to travel through the universes πŸ˜€

  2. I went to Madrid around Christmas a few years ago, and it was gorgeous at Puerta del Sol. Utter madness, though, as it was packed with people. Thanks so much for the nomination, by the way: I hope to have mine done sometime early next year. Enjoy your holidays!

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