I was on that plane full of sick people this Wednesday 😅

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to change the pace a little. Since you probably already heard. There was a plane coming from Dubai that landed in JFK. Apparently, there was about 100 sick people on it. I was on that plane and I was not sick.

So many crazy events happened on that plane. So let me tell you about them. *Spoiler alert* we will be revisiting Dubai sometime soon on this blog.

Taken by Hugo Morel

So it all started at the gate, we got our bags searched three times. I understand the reason for it; however, it makes you feel unwelcomed to the USA.

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I got into the plane and was walking to my seat. A guy asked me if I was sitting on 70k, I told him I was. The man asked if we can change seats because his mom was sitting next to me and she wasn’t feeling too well. So I gave up my sit and moved to his seat. About 10 mins later, another man came to me and asked, “do you mind if we switched seats?” “You are sitting next to my wife and I want to sit next to her on the plane ride.” I didn’t think too much about it. He lead me to his seat, which was in business class. So I got an upgrade for free! What were the chances?

I sat on my business seat and slept. I met an awesome dentist and a real estate developer. They were awesome people.

After about 8 hours of sleep and 2 superhero movies, we got to New York. We had no idea what was going on the plane. The airlines staff seemed worried about something. We were greeted to a group of flashing lights from police cars to ambulances. Out of nowhere, vanilla ice came out. At first, I didn’t know who this guy was. I just thought he talked alot and his jokes were somewhat funny.

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Anyways, we got out of the plane and we were taken into the airport by shuttle buses. People were wearing masks like we were coming into the states with a new zombie virus. The media loves to over stress situations. By the way, the sickness was just the common cold. so dramatic…

Taken by Hugo Morel

Here is the link to the whole the over dramatized event. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/2018/09/05/emirates-flight-203-what-happens-next-stricken-passengers/1202379002/

Thanks for reading. We will go to Rome sometime soon, I promise. Haha

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  1. As I also do extensive travels sickness on a plane is a valid concern. Glad you dodged the bullet! Sounds like we have both done some travel. Loved Spain/Lisbon, been a few times. Heading for London, Rome, Athens, Greek Isles for a few weeks end of this month. Your write was interesting

      1. Hey, glad you enjoyed my article Whipped. I’ve only been on a plane ride once in my life to the Bahamas. Compared to you, I’ve led a sheltered life. Nervikularose

      1. Haha it’s cool. If you are only reading this post, it wouldn’t be so clear. Yeah, this country is being controlled by fear. 😂😂 It’s sad and funny at the same time

  2. Wow you go around the World is that a job? just curious. Let me know if you happen to be in Abu Dhabi after Dubai ok? RE being sick on the plane it happened to me couple of times and I hope not to feel that way again but yes, you never know! 🙁

  3. Hello Theitinerary1,

    Wow, I only glanced at a news article about this when it happened, and so it is nice to read a firsthand account of it.

    I am glad that it was nothing serious, I am surprised that Vanilla Ice was there, and it is cool that you got to sit in upgraded seating.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

  4. A nightmarish situation with a happy ending – I fucking hate flying, on a boat you can at least get some fresh air. On a plane you’re just stuck with humanity pressed into your face.

  5. Glad everything was fine and you were ok. I would’ve known Vanilla Ice if he had sung possibly! I don’t like how the press have to sensationalise these events. Unfortunately people don’t read the papers if it’s all good news.

  6. Wow! Some adventure! I love your travel experiences and I can’t wait to read more. 🙂 Only the common cold – thank goodness! After watching Quaratine 2, my hope is that I never end up on a plane with that type of drama going on. 🙂

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