Rainbow bagel and Remembering Williamsburg

The nieghborhood of Williamsburg has become one of Brooklyn’s most famous. The change has been almost overnight. The once crime infested Williamsburg, has turn into a center of the hipster culture.


When coming into Williamsburg, I recommend taking the J train. On this train, you are able to see Manhattan’s skyline. The J train is above ground and goes along the Williamsburg bridge. It is truely breathtaking.


The Williamsburg bridge, Brooklyn’s second most famous bridge. After the Brooklyn bridge, the Williamsburg bridge has been the star in many movies. Movies that include superheroes, such as the hero with the spider senses. I recommend walking this bridge with a significant other. The view is very romantic. Also, there is a side that is only used for bikes. It is a perfect date set up.

I was informed by a reader and a friend, to check out a place where they make rainbow bagels. This excited me to go on the very so handy google. It’s funny, how many times I looked over this store. Not giving it a second thought.

I was completely sold, when I walked into this store. All of types of cream cheeses and in every color.

I was taken back at how many colors, cream cheese can come in.


When in Williamsburg, stop by the bagel store. I had the rainbow cream cheese with the rainbow bagel. It tasted sweet, almost like cheesecake. This was definitely worth googling (my new word).

Williamsburg brings back a lot memories. My family has been in this nieghborhood for over 60 years. We have seen this area at it’s worse and best. A lot of the area has changed. Many of the activities we used to do as kids, are gone due to technology and demographics of the area.

For example, videology was once our corner blockbuster (some of you might not remember or know that chain store). I remember those summers, my dad and I used to visit New York from California. This place was the center of our entertainment. Those were good and simple times. In recent times, the store has become a dive bar. This is an indicator that area has somewhat lost it’s soul.

Thank you for taking your time to read this. You guys are the best! Next week, we will take a break from NYC and start my Los Angeles adventures. Much love!!! Stay heathly and happy!

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