The many sides to The Bronx

The Bronx, the borough and county known for the founding of hip-hop. This part of New York City has so much culture and is rich of diversity. So many subcultures are found here, it is truely ashame that this borough is usually over looked.


The art scene in the Bronx is truly amazing. So much graffiti is here, most tell a story and/or are a reference to a hero of that neighborhood.


The person in the picture above is Roberto Clemente. Clemente was a Puerto Rican professional baseball player. He was the first Latino to be in the Hall of Fame and opening the door to many other latinos. Now, the sport has at least one latino in every team and many other latinos have made a place for themselves in the Hall of Fame.
Going to the Bronx, I had to go to where hip-hop started. So, I went to the South Bronx on my own risk. Unfortunately, this historical area is filled with crime. I will not advise to go here without caution.

Even with all the crimes, I witness an act of kindness. I saw a Puerto Rican couple help clean a random man’s shirt. After the man spilled something on his white shirt and was unable to clean it himself.
The Bronx is filled with people from all over the world but the majority of Bronx’s population comes from Latin America. Puerto Ricans used to dominate the Bronx; however, Dominicans have taken over in recent years. The cycle continues as more and more latinos move into the suburbs. The next group of Latinos to dominate will be mexicans.
One place a reader recommended me to go was the Bronx’s little Italy. Finding out there was a little Italy in this borough surprised me. This area’s influnces from Italy is astounding. They have Italian pop music playing in the background.
When coming here, I recommend going to Full Moon Pizzeria. The food was great and the atmosphere felt like I was in Italy. Had a conversation with one of the owners and he told me all the place I should visit, for my upcoming trip to Italy.
Thank you for reading this post! As promised, I made the post about the Bronx. Made it a little longer than usual because of not keeping my promise last week. Next week, we will be going to the nieghborhood of Williamsburg. Have a safe week!! Much love!

18 thoughts on “The many sides to The Bronx

      1. People, schools, and churches are here. Community gardens, artists, musicians, and yes, some miscreants, same as anyplace else. Yankees fans descend on the South Bronx, discard used napkins, remnants of a half-eaten hot dog…never a report of violence, unless it’s them perpetrating it. You know sports fans can sometimes be rowdy. Most of the bad press the Bronx gets comes from people that only heard about it, never been here. Could it be better? No doubt. But that could be said for any community that’s experienced major high budget cuts and neglect by city officials. We do alright, though. Come check us.

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  1. Both my brother an I were graffiti artists in the days of old. My brother now makes it his secondary business. I have met GMan, Pink Lady, etc. No one understands how much creativity can come from adversity unless they’ve walked in those same running shoes. I love my borough. It’s amazing, I travel but always come home.

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